I’ve consulted on research projects with the following organizations:

Global Governance Center, Geneva, Switzerland (2020)
Research and literature review on the effects of trade on labor outcomes, and potential policy responses.

Developing Trade Consultants – New York, United States (2020)
Computable general equilibrium (CGE) modeling in Python based on Caliendo & Parro 2015 and Aichele & Heiland 2014, with modifications for counterfactual IO tables and value chain decomposition from Wang, Wei, Zhu 2018.

The World Trade Organization – Geneva, Switzerland (2019)
Economic Research and Statistics Division
Effects of import penetration on gender differences in labor outcomes (wages, employment, labor force participation, etc.), based on Autor, Dorn, & Hanson 2013. Focused on major trade shocks in the U.S. via NAFTA and China’s accession to the WTO.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development – Geneva, Switzerland (2018)
Division on International Trade and Commodities
Trade in Least Developed Countries vis-à-via achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The World Bank – Washington, DC, United States (2017)
Poverty & Equity Global Practice
Gender differences in skills and employment supply and demand in the Western Balkan states.

International Trade Center – Geneva, Switzerland
Sustainable and Inclusive Value Chains (2020)
Database mapping of Voluntary Sustainability Standards systems (embedded in trade agreements) to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Office of the Chief Economist (2016)
Software automation of data procurement and processing for dozens of measures across dozens of primary data sources to generate trade and competitiveness indicators for flagship publication, SME Competitiveness Outlook.